A journey to theatre with a difference for children at Harrogate District Hospital

Ethos Assets Managing Director, Chris Brown with mini Tesla, child patient and nurse at Harrogate District Hospital

Two mini Tesla cars have been donated to Harrogate District Hospital – with Children having treatment on Woodlands Ward – now able to drive themselves to the operating theatre in the mini electric vehicles.
Donated by local firm, Ethos Asset Finance – which sources and funds electric vehicles for companies and individuals across the UK – made the donation with the aim of soothing young patients’ nerves before a procedure.

The initiative will see children drive themselves from the ward to theatre rather than arriving in a wheelchair. It is hoped the cars will help reduce any nerves or stress during what can be a very daunting experience.

In 2018 and during the first half of 2019, Harrogate-based Ethos Asset Finance – which is one of the country’s principal finance providers to numerous sectors – has donated a total of £15,000 to local causes.

Chris Brown, who set up Ethos Asset Finance in 2007 after two decades in the banking industry, and who has become a firm supporter of local charities said: “We are delighted to make this donation to hopefully put a smile on a child’s face in a circumstance which would normally leave them feeling very anxious.
“At Ethos we believe very strongly in supporting our local community and when the idea arose to supply Harrogate District Hospital with mini electric cars for the children’s ward, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass us by.”

Woodlands Ward is a general paediatric (children’s) ward, treating infants, children, and adolescents ranging in age from one day to 16 years old.

Julie Walker, Matron for Woodlands Ward at Harrogate District Hospital said: “We’d like to thank Ethos for its very kind donation to the Woodlands Ward. The company’s generosity will make a huge difference to the experience our youngest patients will encounter.

“We’re sure the cars will be a very popular addition to the hospital!”

Ethos Asset finance funds and sources assets for businesses and individuals across the UK. www.ethosfinance.co.uk