Ethos Partnership with Zoom EV

Making Transitioning To Electric Vehicles Easy

Purchasing an electric vehicle can leave you with much more than just the vehicle to consider. Some common queries include what insurance to get, how and where to charge at home and on journeys, what energy tariff to switch to etc. Ethos are committed to making your EV journey as seamless as possible starting with the choice of vehicle through to delivery. With this in mind, we have partnered with Zoom EV to offer our customers an easy solution to all your EV needs.

Zoom EV are passionate about supporting customers with the transition to EVs and offer an EV Driver Benefits Bundle which saves you time and money (£1,000 in the first year!*) by connecting you to the essential services you’ll need to run your EV. As part of our partnership, we will be including the first year of the Bundle for free** when you complete a purchase of a single EV through us.

Through this partnership, we are excited to be able to offer our customers numerous EV benefits that will get you on the road and enjoying the EV experience.

Zoom EV Mini and Ipace

What Ethos Has To Offer

We enjoy creating a smooth, hassle-free process for our customers. At the cutting edge of today’s market, we take a traditional approach to lending, working together with our customers and funders to reach an outcome that works for everyone. We can access some of the most competitive pricing in the market due to our national fleet sales contacts.

Furthermore, our established relationships with a wide range of vehicle manufacturers and lenders mean we can offer competitive rates from a range of industry-leading funders. As a result, we make sure the process is straightforward and handle all the paperwork, so our clients can focus on what they do best.

We pride ourselves on creating an honest and personal approach with our clients which lasts far beyond vehicle delivery. We will be on hand for any issues which may arise.

If you’d like to discuss finance new electric vehicles, get in touch with us today.

What Zoom EV Offers

We want to make sure that you can make the most out of your electric vehicle.

That’s why we’re thrilled to say we have partnered with Zoom EV to provide our customers with the first year of their EV Driver Benefits Bundle free* when you complete a single EV purchase with us.

The Bundle connects you to the key services you’ll need to run your EV whilst offering you flexibility of choice too. The Bundle includes discounts across home energy, home charging, public charging, parking, and accident management and can save you up to £1,000 per year!

See below or visit Zoom EV’s website to read more about the discounts you will have access to. T&Cs apply.

1.    Public Charging

Zoom EV are partnered with three major brands, Polar (BP Chargemaster), Plugsurfing and Osprey to provide you with significantly discounted and in some cases free charging when you’re out and about; you’ll even get your Plugsurfing key for free. Between these networks, you’ll generally always have an option to charge so you can travel hassle-free.

2.    Home Charging

You’ll be given money off your home charging unit/installation; Zoom EV will give you the choice between smart and reliable home chargers from BP Chargemaster or EO.

Closeup view of the electric car charger

3.    Energy Tariffs:

Zoom EV’s partnership with SSE and their Fix and Drive v2 tariff allows customers to charge for 0p overnight (during off peak hours) using 100% renewable energy, so essentially you can drive your EV for free. Customers who sign up to SSE and Polar through Zoom EV will receive £20 charging credit on their Polar account.

4.    Nationwide Parking:

Q-Park have parking facilities in cities nationwide and have charging points in most of their car parks. You’ll receive a significant discount when you pre-book your parking at any of their sites.

5.    Accident Aftercare:

Zoom EV’s Electric Accident Aftercare (powered by specialists AX) gets you back on the road (and importantly into a replacement EV if needed!) in the unfortunate event you’re in an incident. It’s a seamless, fast and hassle-free way of getting back on the road with complete peace of mind and costs you nothing!

Overall, the Bundle includes savings worth up to £1,000 so we are confident that whether our customers choose to take up just a few or all of these benefits, they will get real value by signing up to the Bundle. The bundle is a subscription service; we will pay for the first year and then our customers can renew this service if they choose to in order to continue receiving these amazing benefits.

Who Can Benefit From The Bundle

Whether you’re an individual buying a personal EV, or if you’re looking to buy an entire fleet, the Bundle can work for you. The numerous benefits included mean it can work for any EV situation.

Looking to purchase numerous fleet vehicles? We are offering an exclusive bulk-buy offer with the Zoom EV

If you are looking to purchase an electric vehicle and are interested in getting a free* bundle, Or want to know more about it get in touch with us today.

Terms and Conditions
*The Bundle is only included when a vehicle purchase is complete. Customers purchasing one (1) vehicle will receive one Bundle for free. Customers looking to receive multiple vehicles will receive an exclusive bulk-buy offer, decided by Ethos on a case by case basis.
The Bundle product is an annual subscription service. Electric Broker/Ethos will cover the cost of the bundle for the first 12 months; following this period, the customer must manage the subscription directly with Zoom EV. Customers may cancel the subscription ahead of renewal. The current retail price of the Bundle is £39.99 per year.
For the full Bundle T&Cs, visit and go to the “Bundle Offer Details” section for more information.
**£1,000 saving : Zoom EV advertise that customers can save £1,000 in the first year. This is based on : annual mileage of 15,000, made up of 8,000 SSE free miles and 7,000 miles paid charging, an EV with a range of 150 miles and assumes 4 on-the-road charges per month. It also assumes 2 days parking per month at £15 per day. It is based on a customer taking up all of the services within the Zoom EV Driver Benefits Bundle (EV charging, Home charger installation and charging, plugsurfing key and parking). For a full detailed breakdown, contact Zoom EV and they will provide this to you.