Asset refinance Solutions

Asset Refinancing is based on using a company’s existing assets as a low-cost way to quickly release cash for the business to support growth or cashflow.

Most importantly, companies from all sizes can benefit from this type of financing solution, whether they are looking to expand, set up new projects or just need to raise funds quickly.

The funds can be used in a number of ways. Perhaps you are looking for a deposit for new equipment or simply just looking to boost cash flow. Asset Refinancing can be considered whether you already own the asset or are using it under a hire purchase deal with an alternative provider.

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What is Asset Refinancing?

As one of the simplest financial solutions, asset refinancing is an arrangement which uses a company’s existing assets to raise cash. Also, it is a secured form of lending that uses an existing company asset as security against the loan.

The asset does not need to be owned outright as refinancing solutions can also be used on equity tied up in the company property. So, depending on a company’s requirements, they can refinance single or multiple assets. Refinancing multiple assets is also known as debt consolidation.

Additionally, funding providers can generally offer refinancing arrangements from £5,000 to £5million, depending on the value of the asset(s). Furthermore, terms are typically available from 12 months to five years, though this is dependent on the individual asset.

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What Assets Can Be Refinanced?

There are several different company assets which could be refinanced, these include:

  • Vehicles
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Plant Machinery
  • + More

Finally, refinance lets you spread the cost of your equipment over its useful life, without any interruption to its day-to-day use.

Why Use Ethos For Asset Refinance?

Ethos Asset Finance is one of the leading independently owned Asset Finance companies in the UK. Additionally, We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients and lenders. As a result, our expert team are able to provide the very best advice and offer competitive industry rates, even for the most complex payment structures.

Also, our personal approach means all our clients receive a tailored solution. We can offer bespoke finance agreements that work hard for our clients because we take the time to get to know their circumstances and needs.

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