Commercial funding

Commercial Funding is a type of finance solution which is catered towards commercial enterprises rather than individuals. It can also be referred to as ‘Business Finance’ or ‘Business Funding’.

If a business is looking to expand without heavily impacting on cash flow, commercial funding could be a viable option. At Ethos, we have built long-term relationships with several providers. As a result, we can offer tailored financial solutions that suit companies’ specific requirements.

Through experience, our expert team can simplify the funding process. We can provide a bespoke service for each business because we work closely with companies to understand their needs and circumstances. We put our clients’ needs first to provide the best advice and the right type of funding.

Types Of Commercial Funding

There are several different types of commercial funding, each one has its own specifications, so it’s important for companies to choose one which works best for them. Commercial loans are more suited to large organisations.

The different types of commercial funding vary significantly. They are mainly split by whether or not they require security or collateral.

Commercial Loans

When it comes to commercial funding, a commercial loan is usually the simplest solution for companies. It works like most loans with a company making regular repayments of an agreed amount for a specified period of time. Interest rates and additional fees will also be agreed on.

Commercial loans are broken down into Secure and Insecure:

Secured Loans

  • Usually cheaper as the lender is taking a lower risk
  • Use company assets as security

Unsecured Loans

  • Generally more expensive
  • Ideal for companies which don’t have assets to use as security.

One downside to commercial loans is that they are largely unregulated, meaning it’s important for companies to do market research due to less protection compared to consumer loans.

Another type of commercial finance is ‘Asset Finance’. Find out more here.

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Why Choose Ethos Asset Finance For Commercial Funding?

We offer a personal approach and tailor our deals to suit your needs. Also, we take responsible lending seriously and believe our services should offer your business value. Furthermore, our established relationships with lenders allow us to find the most competitive rates. Finally, We don’t charge any administration fees for our service.

Asset finance gives you the power and flexibility to help build a sustainable future for your business - making your money work for you. When you need to keep tight control over your cash flow and working capital, commercial funding offers many advantages.

The security within the asset you’re looking to acquire can result in a quick turnaround of credit applications.

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