Guess the car manufacturer!

How well do you know your car manufacturers?

We have turned some of the most well know carmakers into emojis, can you identify them?

Scroll down to see how many you can get. All the answers are at the bottom, but no cheating!

1) Chair?


2) Open – A?


3) Cat?


4) Sheep Bow Magician?


5) Catapillar At Coffee?


6) Glove Bread Sushi?


7) Wave Ban Skull?


8) Dog Quiet?


Let us know how many you got!

If you are still stuck on a couple of them, scroll down to see the answers.



  1. Seat
  2. Kia
  3. Jaguar
  4. Lamborghini
  5. Bugatti
  6. Mitsubishi
  7. Hyundai
  8. Porsche

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