CASE STUDY – Helping Arrive App Through The Pandemic

White Tesla Model 3

Arrive App Background

With the plans to ban the sale of ICE vehicles by 2030, the taxi industry must begin to transition to EVs. To achieve this transition, there needs to be a solid infrastructure. One company on a mission to help support EV taxi drivers is Arrive. The Arrive app is an industry-leading zero-emission taxi booking app in London. The company has created a service which works for both drivers and passengers.

As a result, drivers can set their own rate; choose how you get paid and support you with expenses and taxes. Passengers have the ability to completely customize their ride and choose what is best for them. With the average trip saving around 2kg of Co2.

Head over to the Arrive website to find out more about the company and the great work they are doing.

The Impact of Coronavirus On Arrive

Like countless businesses, the pandemic has been devastating for Arrive. With an original consumer launch date of Q2 2020, their entire business plan has been pushed back by more than a year. The company are currently waiting for the pandemic to be controlled to launch their ‘Direct to Consumer’ model.

Tesla Model 3 – Unparalleled Value

It’s a car with a big reputation and the Founder of Arrive, Hans, described it as an ‘absolute no brainer’.

Furthermore, even with more competition in the EV industry, the Model 3 continues to be one of the strongest vehicles on the market, with Hans proclaiming it ‘best in class’, and we agree. It is a vehicle which holds its value, and we are thrilled Arrive are happy with their choice.

White Tesla Model 3

Why Choose Ethos?

Throughout the pandemic, we have worked tirelessly to support all our customers with their financial needs. Offering each of our customers a bespoke service.

Additionally, Hans has given special recognition to our Sales Manager, Kirsten for supporting the business and providing a service which has ensured the survival of the company.

We are confident the Arrive App is going to be a success and we are excited to assist the company with further funding.

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