Worldwide reveal of the all-electric Mercedes Benz EQS

The highly anticipated, all-electric Mercedes EQS has been revealed at 5pm tonight (15th April). The design for the luxury saloon has been inspired by the Vision EQS concept from 2019.

Prior to the release, we got a couple of details as to what to expect from the German automakers luxury addition to the EQ range, and we haven’t been disappointed. The EQS looks as though it will go head-to-head with other top-of-the-range EVs, including the Porsche Taycan, Audi e-tron GT and Tesla Model S.

The EQS Interior

First of all, Mercedes released details about the EQS’ interior at the end of March. As with a lot of electric vehicles, the EQS features a host of new technology, including the option for a ‘Hyperscreen’. The new Hyperscreen can be seen in the image below and features a digital display for the driver, a massive touchscreen in the centre console and a third screen for the front-seat passenger.

The screen will use the hugely popular MBUX infotainment system.

INterior of the Mercedes EQS - Hyperscreen

Additionally, it has been rumoured you have the option to pay extra to get more screens for the rear-seated passengers. These screens will be attached to the front-seat headrests.

The price for the Hyperscreen add-on has not yet been revealed. The standard option will be similar to the ‘floating screen’ found in the 2021 Mercedes S-Class.

Interior of Mercedes EQS

The Exterior

Compared to the regular S-Class, the EQS comes with coupé-like basic shape with a flat windscreen. Mercedes claims the frontal area is roughly the same size as the regular S-Class.

Mercedes EQS

Mercedes announced the design changes to the EQS brings ‘numerous aerodynamic and aeroacoustic advantages’. The new design has been created to reduce wind noise and increase efficiency.

Mercedes EQS Performance

Furthermore, before the reveal, Mercedes had already announced many of the performance statistics for the EQS.

The top-spec EQS will have a WLTP range of up to 478 miles (770 km). This makes the EQS one of the best electric vehicles for how far it can travel on a single charge, only being eclipsed by Tesla’s Plaid+ and Lucids Air Grand Touring models.

Secondly, The EQS will have a limited top speed of 210km/h (130mph) and promised to meet the ‘highest demands for noise and vibration comfort’. The EQS also has a drag coefficient of only 0.20, making it the most aerodynamic production car available.


Mercedes promises shorter battery times through the EQS’s ‘intelligent thermal management’. In only 15 minutes of rapid charging, the EQS can get another 186 miles of range.

They have outlined how this will improve charging times:

  • The Battery can also be preheated or cooled while driving.
  • Once the batter is in the ideal temperature window at a fast-charging station, it enables faster charging.
  • Coolant flows through the cavities of the aluminium extrusions of the battery frame.
  • PTC auxiliary heater (Positive Temperature Coefficient) integrated in to the cooling circuit.

Additionally, Mercedes are giving one-year free charging at all IONITY fast chargers with the EQS.

Launch Date & Price

Mercedes announced tonight that the EQS will be available in Europe in August 2021. The price for Mercedes new EV hasn’t been released yet.

Let us know what you think of the brand new Mercedes EQS. Additionally, fill out the form on our website to express your interest in the Mercedes EQS.