CASE STUDY: Transitioning to Mercedes EQVs During the Pandemic

Black Mercedes EQV

The Rise of EVs

Over the last 5 to 10 years, electric vehicles have substantially grown in quantity and quality, with almost 500,000 new EVs on UK roads in 2020. However, some people in the private hire industry question if EVs limited mileage and increase base cost make them inadequate for their needs.

With the Government’s plan to ban the sale of new ICE vehicles from 2030, the industry will need to transition over to electric in the coming years. Recently, Antony and James from Greys Chauffeurs took the plunge and made the choice to go through Ethos Asset Finance to purchase the brand-new Mercedes-Benz EQV. See why they have made the switch now, especially during the global pandemic.

Front of Mercedes EQV


With over 15 years of experience each, Antony and James know the industry inside out. They have experienced the highs and the lows of private hire. They have spent much of their driving career at Addison Lee, building their customer base and perfecting their trade.

A few years ago, they decided to leave the company and go their own way, and they knew the V-Class was the way forward. Over time, Antony and James have been able to build their business, while steadily growing their customer numbers. They have always worked hard to ensure their vehicles run efficiently, while still amassing over 190,000 miles.

All their hard work was ruined during the first half of 2020 when COVID-19 impacted the UK.

How Coronavirus Impacted His Business

It is a story that most people will be able to relate to. Coronavirus has taken Antony’s and James’ business from 100% work to only 2%, wiping out almost their entire income. Antony describes the first lockdown as “like pulling teeth” as he tried to continue to offer their service.

Antony goes on to say that, like many others, he has spent the last 10 months working 7 days, just to ensure there is some form of income. 8 hours days turned to 14 hours.

It has been tough to see the positives throughout this period because of the repetitive lockdowns, but one thing Antony and James can smile about in 2020 is the purchase of their brand-new Mercedes-Benz EQVs.

Why Choose the Mercedes EQV

Due to their experience, they knew they had to go with Mercedes when deciding on a new car. It is the go-to model in the industry. With the V-Class an already iconic private hire vehicle, the EQV is probably the most luxurious electric car available now and an obvious choice.

While Antony knows some things can be improved, such as the 213 miles of range, the charge time, and the charging infrastructure in the UK, this has not stopped him from loving his new car. He says the car has surpassed his expectations so far, he has said the “car is phenomenal” and has questioned everyone who compares it to a van.

We are thrilled we were able to work with Antony and James to find them a deal that works for them, even during the pandemic.

There are vast amounts of benefits to EV ownership, as they will no longer have to pay the daily £15 London Congestion Charge and saving £100’s on fuel each year. You read all about the benefits here.

Black Mercedes EQV

Why Choose Ethos

“Only a fool would turn that deal”

Ethos worked hard to make the Mercedes EQV an affordable option to our private hire clients, and Antony expressed his delight at using Ethos. He claimed it was the “best experience of buying a car in my life”. Additionally, he pointed out Kirsten and Becky as being the highlight of his purchasing journey.

Even during these unprecedented times, we are thrilled to hear about the success of our customers. We are sure Antony is going to love the EQV.

If you would like to find out more about getting into a new private hire vehicle, get in touch. If you want to connect with Greys Chauffeurs, you can visit their Facebook page here.

Mercedes EQV On charge